Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency on a USB Device?

USB drive is a device commonly used worldwide for data storage for the last several years. However, this functional device has acquired another important feature; it is now being widely used as a reliable storage tool for bitcoin and cryptocurrency. It is an easy-to-handle hardware wallet that keeps the private information and important credentials required to access Bitcoins or cryptocurrency purchased.

In this article we discuss the technique of storing cryptocurrency and bitcons on a USB flash drive and highlight the benefits of this procedure.

How to Store Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins on a Flash Drive:

Create a bootable flash drive

Prepare your USB for becoming a safe wallet. Remove unnecessary files from your USB to create ample space. It is advisable to use a new/unused and formatted flash drive.

Download Electrum Software

To create a crypto wallet, download electrum software on your computer from the official website which is the most popular software for this purpose. Before beginning the installation of the software onto your USB drive, it is necessary to disconnect your computer from the internet.

Run a Wallet Installer

Plug in a USB drive and run a wallet installer to save it on the flash drive. It normally takes a few minutes to complete the installation process. Select your USB drive as the destination to install the software. When the setup is complete, create a strong password and a seed phrase to secure your wallet.

Safe Eject Feature

Do not quickly remove your USB as you can damage it if not ejected safely. It is advisable to make a duplicate of your USB drive for extra security. Now that your wallet is fully protected you may use it for transactions.

Steps: a) Switch off your internet connection. b) Plug your USB into a computer. c) Open your wallet and generate a transaction. d) Remove the flash drive safely. e) Turn on the internet connection. f) Complete the transaction.

USB drives are considered as the safest storage means for cryptocurrency and bitcoins for the following reasons:

Theft Prevention: through cold storage you can keep your cryptocurrency and bitcon reserves offline without the need of constant internet connection. This protects you from being attacked by viruses and bugs. The online presence makes you more vulnerable to theft of user private keys.

Low cost: a USB device is a reasonable alternative as the flash drives with a minimum of storage space can be a reliable tool to be used as a crypto wallet.

High security levels: even if the crypto stick is lost or damaged, it will not take much effort to recover your currency. Encryption improves the security of your flash drive. Built-in encryption tools can be used provided by Windows.

Offline Transactions: flash drive wallets allow users to process transactions in a safe manner by using private key files. This protects your financial details and credentials from exposure to potential hackers.

For crypto enthusiasts, this is a secure way and an affordable solution to store your assets.

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