5 Advantages for Kids who grow up with Dogs

Dogs are loyal, spiritually pure, soulful animals and a source of happiness to people; anyone who has kept a dog as a pet is aware of these qualities found in a dog.

As dogs are spiritually pure animals, children seem to connect well with them. Here in this article, we will explore certain significant advantages which children who grow up or spend time with dogs benefit from in the long run.



Children learn to become responsible with respect to taking care of the pet; it makes them mindful and attentive towards their needs such as giving them food on time, bathing and potty training. This is a subtle yet effective way of infusing the qualities of love, care, compassion and empathy among children.

Health benefits: better immunity

Keeping dogs strengthens the immune system. Studies have revealed that children who have had exposure to dogs since early childhood had better immunity as compared to those who did not. Their bodies could fight viruses and infections more effectively and they recovered faster.

Better Intelligence/Emotional Intelligence

Intelligence together with empathy, care and compassion when found in a human being makes him precious, valuable and honorable. Kids who own dogs as pets tend to inculcate these qualities with time. They absorb the positive traits of kindness and selflessness.

Physical activities and Games

In today’s digital era, children are mostly found glued to mobile phones and gadgets. Keeping a dog is the best way to keep your child off this habit. Dogs love to run and play with their owners in the open air. In this manner, children will be devoting most of their time in healthy physical activities.

Therapeutic Effect

Dogs have the power to heal. As an internally pure being, a dog’s presence radiates positivity and gives comfort to children suffering from mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. It has been observed that autistic children have shown strong bonding with dogs and have improved with respect to verbal communication and vocabulary.

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