High Stress Life Style

10 Ways to Manage and Reduce Stress 2021

Though modern age of advancement has made life trouble-free to a major extent; it has augmented the challenges of life as a result of high level stress lifestyle. Almost everyone faces trouble coping in today’s fast-paced world. Lifestyle has transformed from simple to complex choices; we have witnessed a drastic change in approaches towards life and interpersonal relations over the last few decades adding more to the stress.

What is the solution? Here we aim to examine 10 primary steps that may help you overcome stress:

Take time off

Work is part and parcel of life it never ends. Immense workload drains off our energy level. To rejuvenate the energy it is essential to take time off. Engage in a hobby that gives you pleasure such as art, reading or any pleasant activity. Connect with loved ones. Spend quality time with them.

Plan a holiday

Give time to yourself and plan a vacation. You may go along with your loved ones or if you wish to go alone even that is okay; the choice is yours. Make the most of your time in a good environment that you find appealing.

Long route to work

Avoid traffic to make your way to work stress-free as heavy traffic adds to frustration, anxiety and anger. Take the route that has less traffic and is more scenic even if it is longer than the one you usually take. Get ready at least half an hour earlier in order that you may conveniently take the longer but scenic route to enjoy your way to work.

Park Time

Some of you may find stepping out of the house for household tasks or grocery boring and tedious. It’ll be fun to stop by a park and relax for a while. Sit on a bench, take a deep breath and take in the vibes. Try it, you’ll feel fresh!

Watch less television

Observe the number of hours you spend on watching television. Gradually minimize the time by engaging in something relaxing and comforting for mind, body and soul such as listening to good, soothing music, practice yoga and meditation.

Wake up a bit earlier

To let the calmness and serenity of the early hours of morning sink in the soul, make a habit of waking up earlier so that your mind is able to absorb all the positivity at the very start of the day. Savor the moment by practicing yoga and healthy exercises.

Minimize use of social media

Social media is not only our favorite pastime; it has taken control of our lives. Our lives revolve around gadgets/mobile phones. There is no denying the fact that social media has played a pivotal role in connecting people. However, excessive attachment to social media often ignites negative emotions. It is advisable to take a break, come out of the virtual world and connect with people who matter the most family and good friends.

Connect with nature through TV

Here is a suggestion for those who find it hard to avoid television programs; watch such programs that build up a bond with nature. Watching animals minimizes stress levels. Viewing sceneries: greenery, landscapes, mountains produces calming effect on mind and body.

Lunch break in the open air

At work place it is advisable to step out during lunch breaks rather than staying indoors. Lunch break is a good opportunity to spend some time outside in the open air and breathe fresh air. It revives the mind and increases productivity at work.

Inculcating healthy eating habits

In order to enjoy a stress-free life one must reduce or avoid caffeine and alcohol intake. People take alcohol to relieve stress. However, in the long run it causes severe damage to the internal system of human body. Too much intake of caffeine reduces sleep and results in fatigue and restlessness throughout the day.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle in which inculcating healthy eating habits is fundamental. Make use of healthy home made food, avoid junk food, and add fresh fruits, vegetables and fresh juices to your diet.

Life is a gift of God. Live your life to the fullest. Cherish it.

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